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Hello! Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. We have designed this section specially to answer the most common questions so that you can understand our services better. We hope you find our FAQ section helpful, however, if you don't see the answers to your questions listed below, please feel free to contact us at ph 00354-7765527 or drop us an email at rentals@rentals.is

1 Is My Drivers License Valid in Iceland?
All driving licenses issued from the U.S.A, Canada and the European Economic Area (EEA) is considered valid in Iceland.  For the travellers belonging to other countries they must obtain an International Driving License to be able to drive in Iceland.

2 Is there any minimum age limit for renting a vehicle in Iceland?
Yes! The registered driver must be at least 20 years of age and have held a full drivers license for at least 12 months.  You will also need a valid driver’s license, passport and a valid credit card to rent a vehicle in Iceland.

3 What documents are required at the time of the car pick up?
You must get the following documents along with the voucher from the website rentals.is
* ID or passport of the hirer.
* Original driving license (valid for at least 12 months) of the driver.
* Valid credit card of one of the passengers.
* Applicable to all additional drivers.

4 What is the Minimum rental period?
The minimum rental period is 24 hours.

5 If I return the car back early do I get a refund?
 Unfortunately no refund is possible, except when you let us know prior to pickup.

6 Do you guarantee that the vehicle I selected will be available?
No we cannot. However, when your chosen vehicle is not available we guarantee that you will be offered a vehicle in the same or higher category.

7 Where can I pick up and drop off my car?
For customers arriving or departure at Keflavik International Airport we offer pick-up and drop-off service at a normal additional charge. For customers in the Reykjavik areas staying at hotels or other accommodation we also offer pick up and drop off services.

8 Do you require a deposit to rent a vehicle?
Yes! You need to deposit 15% of the rental price.

9 Do you offer both manual and automatic vehicles?
Yes, we make every effort to offer wide variety of rental cars and offer both manual and automatic vehicles. Some rentals are though available only with either manual or automatic.

10 When do I pay for the rental?
You have to pay 15% at the time of booking and the rest you pay on arrival and the only way of payment is by credit card which will be charged when you pick up your rental car.

11 Can I pay in cash, with a debit card, with a bank transfer or with a pre-paid card?
No, the only way of payment is by credit card which will be charged when you pick up your rental car.

12 How much do you have to pay in advance if you make a reservation online?
When you make a reservation online you are supposed to pay a deposit of 15% and the rest you pay on arrival when you pick up your rental car.

13 What does the rental rate include?
The rental rates are all inclusive and there are no hidden charges. Unlimited mileage, Collision Damage waiver (CDW) insurance with self-risk, vehicle theft protection and taxes are included.

14 What are the pick up and drop off timings?
For the pick up and drop off service just specify the details when you book your car. We will then pick you up from the agreed location and bring you to our nearest office in order to give you the car and sign the rental agreement. We customize the pick up and drop of service timings to fit your personal needs and coordinate our efforts with your flight arrival and departure or whatever time works for you.

15 What is your cancellation policy?
If you wish to cancel or amend your reservation then simply send an email to rentals@rentals.is generally the 15% prepayment of total price is fully refundable 48 hours before start of rental which is refunded via Credit Card only.

16 Do I need to pay the local taxes?
No! All local taxes are included in the prices.

17 Do I need to return the car by filling the same amount of gasoline/ diesel?
Yes! The rental car should be returned with the same amount of gasoline/diesel as on delivery, or you will be charged for the missing liters.

18 What should I be cautious of when driving in Iceland?
When driving in Iceland you should be
- Fording rivers.
- Leaving the paved road because of icy conditions or distractions.
- Animals on the road.
- Strong wind damage when opening doors..
- Losing traction on gravel roads especially when asphalt meets gravel.
- Undue damage to wheels and tires by undetected flat.
- During the wintertime, when the temperature is around 0°C.

19 Do you provide studded tires in the wintertime?
Yes. Our goal is to make our customers feel secure while driving in Iceland in wintertime so from October through May all the cars we offer are equipped with studded winter tires. With this feature, we provide our customers with as much security as possible.

20 I need a special car and/or car equipment but I cannot find it. What shall I do?
Don’t worry. Send us an email to rentals@rentals.is and let us know your requirements. We will try to provide a solution for you as soon as possible and for the best possible price.